History of Rock The Shores

Rock The Shores is Produced by Atomique Productions ltd.

Atomique Productions officially launched as a company in 1999, but its roots trace back to the days of early childhood for founders Nick Blasko and Dimitri Demers.

Meeting at Sundance Elementary School in the eighties, the two bonded over cartoons and lego, interests that were later joined by a shared passion for skateboarding and live local music.

Playing on their musical aspirations, in their early 20s Blasko and Demers started and managed bands, booked gigs, DJed their way from the Gulf Islands to Washington state, and helped throw some of the biggest events Victoria had ever seen. These feats paved the way for Atomique.

When the company did come to be, little did the pair know it would gain national recognition for its commitment to supporting up-and-coming bands, as well as its dedication to tracking down some of the biggest names to play Victoria, BC.

In an industry dominated by corporate promoters, Atomique remains proudly independent and understands the importance of supporting our community and working with local businesses to develop Vancouver Island’s arts culture.

While more and more festivals strive to book bands, Rock The Shores does its best to impress while realizing there’s still room for growth. However, with determination, hard work, field experience, and help from island friends, Rock The Shores aims to become a flawlessly executed, homegrown rock festival featuring some of the best bands spanning the globe.

As for now, we’re cool with being a festival that’s easily affordable, easily accessible, and easily the most epic weekend of the summer on the island.