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can kn95 protect against virus?

Many respiratory illnesses have been on the rise, and due to the wildfire spread of the coronavirus, many people are searching for ways in which they can protect themselves from contracting this disease as it is airborne. Governments are even going to the extent of closing down their countries to solve the pandemic. One of the ways that have been presented by governments and scientists is wearing a mask. There are three types of masks that have been presented to help people not to contract the disease. The three are surgical masks, respirators or KN95/N95 and a cloth mask

The KN95 being one of them, KN95 and N95, are quite similar, as you can tell by the name. However, the main difference is that the KN95 meets the Chinese standards of making a respiratory mask while the N95 is for the United States. According to the manufacturer of KN95, this mask can trap particles whose size is 0.3 microns or 95% of the tiny particles that might be in the air. Hence, the incorporation of the 95 number. This feature is quite prevalent in other masks as these PPEs are more effective in capturing small particles those around 0.3 microns.

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The KN95’s, just like the N95’s, the efficiency of filtration is tested through its ability to capture sodium chloride particles at a rate of 85l per minute. These KN95 masks have to go through fits tests by its manufacturer before they are made available to people. The KN95 mask has been reported to be less breathable than the other masks. Many people are asking themselves this question, “can the kn95 protect against the virus?”

This question will be answered to you shortly. The KN95 respirator is more effective than the surgical mask as it can filter small and big particles. Hence many people are safe from the virus if they this particular respirator. The main difference between a cloth mask and a KN95 mask is that the cloth mask protects other people if the wearer has the virus while the KN95 mask is basically to protect the wearer from contracting the disease. The only downside of this mask is that it is disposable; hence when one has worn it for about 6 hours, it stops being effective.

Although the KN95 mask offers protection against the virus, it will only be highly effective if people also take the initiative to protect themselves by actually respecting other people’s privacy by social distancing. Washing your hands has also been one of the best ways to protect one from contracting any type of disease, such as a respiratory disease. These face masks are used to reduce the chances of one contracting the diseases if they are taking care of a person who has a virus and when in a public setting. Another thing people need to understand about the KN95 mask is that it should fit your face properly, and there should be no gaps that could let any viruses to pass through.

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