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Can kn95 masks be washed?

People around the globe are required to wear protective kn95 to be able to curb the coronavirus disease. It is one of the ways that have been embraced in order to curb the spread of coron virus. In some countries, it’s illegal not to be wearing them publicly. The idea of having different types of kn95 while some are not to be reused is such a bummer to most people, especially the KN95 masks. So the question is, can the KN95 be washed? To get into that, one needs to understand that the kn95 is for 95% protection against particles, it is made of woven material, so the issue of washing it very well, it’s not advised.

Since some may look into the idea of washing the KN95 masks, there are better ways to have a clean mask. Here are some of the procedures you can easily undertake at your place without any difficulties; because coronavirus loses their viability after 72 hours, it is highly encouraged to promote re-use strategy provided there is no contamination to the mask. The following procedures can be used:

Method 1: Boiling

1. Soak the kn95 in hot water of 80-100 degree Celsius for about 20 minutes
2. Stir it well and itshould be fully submerged
3. Rinse the mask, ensure it is well rinsed not just do it.
4. Air-dry the mask, enusre the water is well dried.
When using the method, it is advised not to excessively stir it but use enough manipulation to keep it submerged while it’s boiling.

Method 2: Rotation

Having a set of KN95 rotate their use by use of a round-robin rotation of Knso that each one stays unused for at least 72 hours before being worn again. Appropriately storage is critical to effectively perform the technique and make sure that it does not touch each other and are not shared with other people.

Method 3: Sterilization

1. Sterilize by spraying the outer covering with medical alcohol

2. Rinse clean theuntil tasteless

3. Air-dry the mask

Method 4: Baking

It is a very simple method, but it is advised to have a dedicated oven for the baking. Its purpose so as not to run the risk of contaminating your food. Heat it for about 30 minutes at 70C is an effective cleansing method. There are some factors to consider when using the method:

● Heat: The oven should be hot enough to kill the coronavirus, but not too hot to deform the mask.

● Humidity: High humidity works against the coronavirus, but extra humidity can reduce the respirator’s lifespan.

● Time: Hot air for 30 minutes will maintain the respirator lifespan for about 20 cycles and make sure not to bake it for too long lest you deform it.

Method 5; ultraviolet treatment

Proper treating of the kn95 should be deeply monitored rationing protocol to make sure the right outcome is required. Although home treatment is not recommended due to the serious rationing. The process has been used mostly in hospitals in the State.s

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