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Can kn95 mask be fit tested?

Kn95 masks can be fit tested. In this case, people are advised to wear masks to prevent them from contracting the coronavirus that is widely spreading. Health organizations, therefore, suggest mask fit testing for health workers before putting them on. Through proper use of Kn95 respirators, health workers among other users are not exposed to viruses and other infectious diseases such as tuberculosis.

For the fit testing program to be complete, several elements must be met, including:

• Respirators must be selected accordingly, depending on the task being done when wearing them.

• There may be a need for more elements that include cleaning, examining, disinfecting, and even storing the respirators.

• Teaching the test group on the appropriate use and disposal of the Kn95masks.

• Keeping the records of name, date of testing, whether the test passed or failed, and the test group’s department.

• Participants with respiratory illnesses such as asthma and chronic heart diseases should consult and indicate in their screening forms before engaging in the fitting testing procedure. This may also apply to those who suffer from panic.

Kn95 Fit Testing

Kn95 fit testing takes approximately 30 minutes to be effective. It constitutes of the qualitative fit testing and the quantitative fit test. Qualitative fit testing is a test used to evaluate the sweetness or bitterness of a substance sprayed into the air around the mask. On the other hand, quantitative fit testing tests the number of fragments in and out of the breathing area when the respirator is on. In addition, the seal check method can be used to test the fitness of Kn95 masks.

Qualitative and Quantitative Fit Testing

Qualitative fit testing is also known as taste testing. In this test, Kn95 masks can be provided to cover the participants’ face before spraying test solutions. In most cases, the solution is denatonium benzoate, which is used to prevent kids from sucking their thumbs. In this process, the participant will give or show a sign once they taste the solution. During the test, zero leaks should be reported if the participant puts on the respirator appropriately, and it fits as it should.

However, if the Kn95 cover does not fit appropriately, the solution is likely to leak. In this case, the user will automatically taste the solution, making them give a disgraceful look. After tasting the solution, some participants might end up ripping off their face masks or acting otherwise depending on the amount of solution they taste.

Seal Check Method

This method can be used to ascertain whether Kn95 masks need to be adjusted or check if it appropriately fits the wearer. This process involves positive and negative pressure checks. During the positive pressure check, one is required to modify the mask until it works properly. If there is no evidence of leakage at the seal after a positive pressure is built on the Kn95 respirator, then a positive pressure check is a success.

During a negative pressure check, one is also required to modify the mask until it suitably fits, followed by a tender inhalation and a breath-hold of about ten seconds. The Kn95 mask is supposed to be caved in slightly, and no inward leakage should be noticed.

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